Rustic Border Scarf


Colour: Rose Sand

Size: 60x200cm

Rustic Border is made from 100% baby alpaca. Rustic Border is designed as a design collaboration with talented Susanne Rützou. The scarf is made from 100% baby alpaca (which does not mean the alpaca is a baby, but it emphasizes the quality of the alpaca fur) and carries the design language and signature of Susanne Rützou in each thread.

The Alpaca fibres are smooth, supple and flexible. As a result, a plaid or a scarf of alpaca is attractive, soft and lustrous. Even very thin plaids are warm – and can be used by the majority of people who are allergic to wool.

This scarf can also be used as a beautiful shawl.

Quote by Susanne Rützou: It is based on her love of authentic, unpretentious and pared down expression. “It’s more of a feeling than a scarf”

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Baby Alpaca

The alpaca has adapted to the Andes’ harsh climate with its fantastic thick coat that provides insulation against both heat and cold.  At Silkeborg Uldspinderi we work with alpaca from Peru, where the vast majority of the population of alpaca have their natural habitat. The skills of local artisans have been refined down through generations, thus enabling the raw fibres to be transformed into beautiful textiles of exceptional quality.

Washing & Care

The wool and alpaca fibres in all our products are naturally dirt-repellent, so the majority of stains caused by juice, coffee, etc., can be prevented by carefully dabbing the surface with a dry cloth before the stain gets into the fibres.

Wool and alpaca fibres are excellent at absorbing moisture and are to a certain extent self-cleaning. We, therefore, recommend airing our clothes on a frequent basis.


All our products in 100% wool can be washed on a wool cycle at maximum 30 degrees Celsius and a maximum 600 revs when spin-drying.

It is important that the item is laid out to dry as soon as the washing cycle is complete. Do not hang up the item, but lay it flat – e.g. on a drying rack or similar. Make sure that the garment is completely dry before folding. In the event that the item is heavily soiled – e.g. with red wine or oil – we recommend sending it to be dry-cleaned before attempting to wash it yourself.

Baby Alpaca & Premium Baby Alpaca

Our plaids, scarves and cushions in alpaca are manufactured from very fine and thin fibres. We therefore always recommend that you have your alpaca products dry-cleaned if stains or similar appear on them.

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Rose Sand, Red Orange

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